These classes are open to homeschooling families. A new student application must be completed along with the Single Class registration Form. Please email for more information.

2022-23 Single Class Options:

Bible 7th-12th

Language Arts 7th-12th

Sciences: Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry

Math: Fundamentals of Math, Pre-algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Pre-calculus

History: World Studies, Cultural Geography, American History, World Histor

Students in grades 7 through 12 are allowed to register as part-time students to take one or more classes at BCA.  Students must first apply for admission and then complete the class registration form.  Class enrollment will be on a first come, first serve basis.  Class sizes are limited.  Students are responsible for purchasing their required textbook for each class.

Registration Fee: $250.00 (per student)

Maintenance Fee:          1-3 classes $250.00

                                          4 or more classes $500.00

Tuition:               1 class        $800          

                             2 classes    $1600

                             3 classes    $2400

                             4+ classes  $5400