Alabama Christian Education Association

ACEA was organized in 1975 and hasserved an estimated 160,000 students, and has, in some way, touched every Christian school in the state. Presently, ACEA is one of the largest state Christian school organizations in the country. Our future looks bright as we continue to grow, work, and serve together.

Our primary purpose for existing is the Christian school student. Our young people are very important to us. By working together, we can more ably and efficiently meet the spiritual, academic, and athletic needs of our young people. ACEA makes it possible for theneeds of both the large and small school to be met.

Protecting our interest in the Alabama State Legislature and working with memberchurch and Christian schools in legal areas is another important responsibility of ACEA that can only be accomplished collectively. The Executive Director represents and speaks for scores of churches and Christian schools, and thousands of parents and students. Legislation protecting church schools from offensive state regulations is now law because of ACEA. Unwanted, unwise, and harmful legislation has been stopped or defeated because ofACEA’s presence in Montgomery. Keeping church childcare programs operating without submitting the church to state licensure will always be a priority.

More than ever before, the necessity of working together to meet the needs of our young people must be a number one priority. ACEA standsready to provide the needed leadership to meet this important need.

American Association of ChristianSchools

The AACS is an association of state associations—forty state, regional, and international associations working together to provide legislative oversight, to promote high quality Christian education programs, to encourage the goal of producing Christlike young people, and to provide related institutional and personnel services to our constituents. AACS schools are “educating for eternity.”

Bethel Christian Academy is fully accredited in grades kindergarten through twelfth with the American Association of Christian Schools.

Cognia Global Commission:

Bethel Christian Academy has been awarded accreditation by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI), the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC) and the Southern Association ofColleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI).  The three listed regional agencies provide a highly regarded accreditation that is recognized throughout the world.  

American Christian Honor Society

The American Christian Honor Society seeks to

            Advance Christian Scholarship

            Challenge Christian Leadership

            Honor Christian Character

            Stimulate Christian Service

The purpose of this chapter is to create an enthusiasm for Christian scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render Christian service, to promote Christian Leadership, and to develop Christian character in the students of Bethel Christian Academy.

Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce
The Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce is a membership driven action agency designed to meet community and economic development needs. It is a voluntary non-profit organization comprised of 950+ area business, professionals and individuals who have banded together to advance the commercial, financial, civic, agricultural, industrial and general interests of the community. It is a civic clearing house, a public relations counselor, a legislative advocate at the local, state and national levels of government, an information bureau, a research and promotion medium and an industrial prospector. Learn more about the Dothan Area Chamber of Commer